Bleach Beginnings

What would the There worlds be, if Aizen had never come to Existance, if it was not Yamamoto that founded the Gotei 13, if Ichigo was never even Born, what would Happen if you Took Control of the Bleach world?
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 Isamu Kishin

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Isamu Kishin

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PostSubject: Isamu Kishin   Isamu Kishin I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 01, 2011 9:19 pm

((Can't post a picture because new members can't post external links for some reason.))

Basic Information:

Name: Isamu Kishin
Alias: Karite (Reaper)
Age: 516
Physical Age: 20
Gender: Male
Birthdate: July 21st, 1495
Birthplace: Kyoto, Japan
Nationality: Japanese
Height: 73 inches. (6' 1")
Weight: 185
Hair: Black
Eyes: A dull, dead, gray.
Skin: Slightly tanned, that's about it.
Reitsu Color: A dark gray. Almost like a black smoke.
Rank: Trainee~
Squad: Erm... Trainee?

Character History:

Isamu Kishin, assassin by nature, assassing since "birth". He took up the name "Karite", not really by choice, but by how the citizens of the Rukongai saw him. They didn't know his real name, so they just picked the name that best suited him. A "reaper", an unbiased killer, Grim Reaper incarnate. He will assassinate anyone for simply enough money for him to survive on. His assassinations are well known throughout the Rukongai, and that would be his undoing.

-How Isamu come to become a trainee.-

Isamu comes out of the shadows, and stands before a hut in the Rukon forest. His cloth mask pulled up, covering the lower half his face. His dark gray eyes, that have seen the death of many, examines the building, then it's surroundings. He takes his right hand and runs it through his black hair, that extends to his shoulders, it acts almost like a veil, adding to the image of "Karite". Karite steps forward, and knocks twice on the door, pauses for a second, then knowns thrice, pauses, then once, pauses, then twice more, and waits patiently, as if he is nothing but a statue. His chest expanding and contracting in breath in couple second intervals. Then suddenly the door opens. A tall burly man, looks over the assassin, the dead, cold, stare the assassin returns, unnerves the man. Which the reputation of the assassin, even made this dead stare worse. Isamu's clothing would be tatterred, and torn, looking a bit like the Grim Reaper robes. The burly man would, nod and stand aside, motioning him to enter, his body is visibly trembling. But Karite makes no note of it, nor cares, he just enters, walking past the man.

Further in the hut, is a staircase down, which he walks down. And he comes to the room, and steps aside for the big man on knock on the door, and speak. "He's here." There is a clicking sound, then another, and another, and continues for about 10 more times. Then the door opens. And Karite continues in, and he comes before a a bald, chocolate-skinned man, that would easily tower over almost anyone with his 8' frame, and he was round with fat. A truly gluttonous man. But Karite just stared at the man. Not saying anything, just waiting for the giant infront of him to give him a contract.

The dark-skinned leader, lifts up his cigar to his mouth, and bites down lightly on it, and reaches down and produces a folder, and sits on the table infront of him. "Your target" The man would speak in a deep toned voice. Which Karite would take the folder and would open it up, reading through it, and would look at the picture. It would be of a shinigami man. Isamu would look over the shinigami's features, and tosses the folder back. Turns around and heads out of the house without saying a word.

(More to come later)

Character Zanpaktou: The blade would be a slightly smaller Katana, not quite the size of a Wakizashi, it would be right in between. The cloth on the hilt would be a tattered, black material. The guard would be molded to have tiny skulls to make it up.

Character Statistics: (You are given 100 Statistics Points to place wherever you wish On-Creation.)

Reitsu: 10
Strength: 5
Defense: 20
Mobility: 40
Intellect: 10
Kidou: 15
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PostSubject: Re: Isamu Kishin   Isamu Kishin I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 01, 2011 10:43 pm

Known Character Techniques:

- Hadou: #1 Shou, #4 Byakurai
- Bakudou: #1 Sai, #4 Hainawa, #8 Seki, #9 Geki, #9 Horin
- Healing: None
- Hoho: None
- Other Kidou: None
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Isamu Kishin
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